People of Action Campaign Has Lift Off


Opening up these photos was such a joyous moment that needed the biggest YAHOO!  THANK YOU, Les, for spearheading this years “People of Action” campaign to show the public that the Rotary Club of Manukau Sunrise meet here - at Friendship House Manukau City. Our planned events are ALL opportunities to leverage off this exposure of Rotary, tell the public our story about what our club does and why they should join us! Bringing this to life could look like, a QR code flier based at Friendship House, perhaps an additional link onto the Friendship House Website, and or a table at their monthly network meetings. The possibilities begin by asking Friendship House | The Heart of Change in our community. 

Finally, the ‘silver linings’ that have come out of the postponement of the “Pizza with a Purpose” event have been, firstly the opportunity to talk (sometimes more than once) with several people in clubs and clusters and secondly their overwhelming support for our club in setting up this event. They are eager to lock-in our new date and demonstrates once again that the RC Manukau Sunrise are People of Action - Ready to Adapt. 

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