St Johns Rotary is a part of Rotary International.  Rotary International has 1.2 million members some of whom will be your neighbours, friends, business colleagues or people you come across in your daily life whether in your local community or across the globe.  Rotarians create positive, lasting change in the local community and around the world.
Rotarians and Rotary is different because we have a distinct point of view and approach gives us unique advantages:
  • We see differently: Our multidisciplinary perspective helps us see challenges in unique ways.
  • We think differently: We apply leadership and expertise to social issues—and find unique solutions.
  • We act responsibly: Our passion and perseverance create lasting change.
  • We make a difference locally and around the world: Our members maybe local but we have a strong relationship with Rotarians across the globe.
Our diverse ages, occupations, cultures, and experiences give us a unique perspective with a shared passion for service that helps us make a real difference in the community. In St Johns Rotary we have ages ranging from young professionals through to retired and our women members comprise 40% of the club (and growing). 
Many of our members have long business experience and some hold senior leadership positions in their vocations while others are early in their careers.  Whatever their experience they all bring to the club skills, ideas and commitment they are encouraged to contribute in service of others.
All Rotarians from the day they join Rotary are equal in status to all their fellow members no matter the roles they may choose to take on in their club or the wider Rotary.  All have the right to be engaged in the club and the global Rotary and their fellow Rotarians encourage and support this.  As a consequence Rotary is a positive environment for members to put their hand up and try and learn new skills and enjoy new experiences.  As club member Beryl often says, "I have had many new experiences and learned many new skills just by being prepared to say 'yes' to opportunities Rotary has offered even though I may not know quite what I am getting myself in for.  No matter what I have tried there has always been someone to help me out with knowledge and encouragement as Rotarians have a genuine desire for their fellow members to succeed in whatever they are doing."
One of many things Rotary does very well is provide training and support to those who take on roles within their club or elsewhere in Rotary.  This support ranges from on-line via the Rotary website to the club sending members along to Rotary Leadership Institute or district training seminars.  This training and the leadership experiences members have and the new skills obtained as they try new roles is usually equally relevant to their personal and / or business lives.
A comment often made by young professionals (but not confined to them) is that the unique Rotary environment of support means they are able to receive informal mentoring from more experienced Rotarians not available anywhere else.
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Leadership through Rotary is beyond that of members with a number of Rotary programmes and projects supporting the development of leaders in the community, particularly young leaders. These programmes for emerging leaders help young people get the skills and experience they need to make a real difference in the lives of others. We offer programmes to help students and young professionals strengthen their leadership skills, expand their world understanding, and make new friends. For more on this please look at the 'Take Action' tab.