Rotary Club of St Johns Charitable Trust
Registration Number: CC36757
Date Registered: 30 June 2008
Postal Address: PO Box 87175, Meadowbank, Auckland, 1742, NZ
Trust Deed:  See Charities Commission website

Established is 2008 the Trust currently comprises 6 members of the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc, including a Chairperson and a Secretary. The Trustees are personal appointments by the President of the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc.

The Trust’s role is to receive and manage donations, which come from the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc and other sources. Currently we have responsibility for three external Trusts from which Scholarships are awarded annually.

Donations are for every charitable purpose ( which is defined in NZ law as every purpose which is charitable ), they can relate to the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, or any matter beneficial to the community, local or international. Donations from the Trust last year included a wide range of recipients.

You can apply to be considered for a Trust donation either by application directly to the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc Board or directly to the Trust.
Application forms are available from the Secretary
The following is from the Charities Commission website:
Charitable Purpose:
Makes grants and donations to organisations and individuals (including schools or other charities) to foster community development, education, health and International understanding. Supporting education / training, research, health, environment / conservation, fund-raising, people with disabilities, promotion of volunteering, emergency and disaster relief, social services, arts / culture / heritage, sport / recreation, international understanding.
Makes grants to organisations (including schools or other charities)
Makes grants / loans to individuals, Provides buildings / facilities / open space, Grants
Community development
Education / training / research, Health, Environment / conservation, Emergency / disaster relief, Social services, Arts / culture / heritage, Sport / recreation, Fund-raising, People with disabilities, Promotion of volunteering
Other charities
Children / young people, Voluntary bodies other than charities, Older people, People with disabilities
Entity Structure
The Trust is overseen and managed by a board of 6 trustees. Trustees are appointed by the President for the time being of the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc. On a rotating basis, each trustee is appointed for a period of 3 years. The Board of Trustees meet monthly or as required.